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Training Journal
Latest Update 3/6/12:

Well it has been a long time since I have updated my Journal. What happened? Just after I posted on 9/2/10 I contracted a lung infection which the doctor said could have killed me also it ended up that the medication I was taking for a long term condition almost caused a stroke.  I was suffering from headaches and blured vision when shooting. Speaking was a problem because I could'nt even hold enough air to speak a complete phrase. I still shot the Para Team Trials for Torino Italy with a result I was expecting. I came in 5th and did not get to represent our great country. I started out strong finishing the first day in second but ran out of energy on the second day. Since then I have concentrated on coaching. I did just get word that the Paralympic Trials are open this April 25th -29th in Chula Vesta at the Olympic Training Center. I know I have not been shooting tournament, and I might be a bit rusty, but I think I my give it my best shot. Win or not I should Finnish the process to keem my head in the game.  I hate having -"Should a", Would ya, Could ahs" - haning over my head.for the rest of my life.

It is the 'And then some' which turns mediocrity into excellence!  
                                                     Michael Jordon - Basket Ball Player

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to see them come true

9/02/10 Had a good shoot last night, felt strong, scored ???, and topped it off with winning at poker. All in all a good day. Moving forward and getting positive results. Also it looks like I got a Sponsor. Guardian Networks is providing my BCY 8125 string material for this year.

8/9/2010 I shot for score this weekend and things are going OK. I also killed two hornets nests at the house that were over my training area.  This weekend I also sat down with my nutrition consultant. Apparently the small changes I have made in my shopping and diet have been large leaps according to Gerrie my nutrition consultant at my local Whole Foods Market.  I saw her this last Sunday after practice. Gerrie and the staff at Whole Foods Market have been really helpful. Lots of good information and the people are so knowledgeable.If I make the team this year they will have had a big hand in it. 

In the last three months since I started to make small changes in my diet I notice when I am not getting enough nutrients in my daily eating schedule. Gerrie pointed out that was a big step in this program change because my body is starting to give me feedback as to what it needs to perform. I am introducing an Organic Protein Powder to my diet this week that will go into my smoothies.

8/2/2010 I started to shoot distances this Saturday after working on my 18 meters for a few months. Needless to say it was not what I expected. Time to shoot more 18 meters.

7/22/10 I got my 'Do Over!'. After getting a PB last week I faltered Tuesday and drooped 10% from the prior week. I decided to go into league on Wednesday to have another go at it. I brought my scores back up and was within 1.5% of my PB which is 12.2% over my average. In the next few weeks I am going to start outdoor practice to translate what I have accomplished indoor to outdoor at 70m.

7/21/10 Last nights shoot at Hi-Tech I did not shoot a personal best. I wan't a do over!!!!!!

7/14/10 Last nights shoot at Hi-Tech I shot a personal best.  Heading in the right direction!

7/6/10: I did some shooting this weekend and I was pleased. Saturday I shot for two hours at 40m, and on Sunday I shot good for three hours at 70m. I did not push my shooting past exhaustion point like I used to do. Finished strong with good control. I am looking forward to the California games. PB in a 900 round is a 706. One other aspect of what I am working on is changing the way I shop for Food. Whole Foods Market has a program to help people with nutrition. So I am slowly changing what I buy and how I cook. I am hoping to change years of dietary programing.

6/22/2010 Sure has been a while since I wrote anything. I did not do one lick of training i the last four months! I took two college courses. Did great!!!! Completed 7 units while working 60hrs. a week and coaching 2 days a week. I earned a 3.57GPA. Now back to shooting.

2/22/2010 I visited a new archery shop this weekend: in Los Alimitos Ca. Called The Archery Outpost. It was a nice place being run by a lot of the people I knew from tournaments. In the back they have an 18 lane indoor 18 meter range. I’ve been searching for motivation to get back into training again but with school and work and coaching I’ve been hard pressed to find the time to get out. Declaring one is going to start training, (8/16/09: So now IM back training again.) is different than starting training; and blank baling at home only gets you so far.  I decided to shoot a little Saturday, you know for an hour or so, try out the new place. Something happened on the inside which I have been wanting to happen, I started to enjoy shooting again. 270 arrows and 7hrs later I was done for the day. I am planning to shoot indoor nationals this weekend in Tulare. Let’s see what develops.


So now IM back training again.

I just had my first lesson with in three years with Don. I was a little nervous and concerned with how much I have lost over the past year and a half. Everything went great, it was a wonderful lesson, Don was awesome, as usual and now I have taken my first step of the next three years. The goal is the Paralympic games London 2012.

8/23/09: Shot the California Dreamen which was a double 70m round. Took me a while to start getting my draw right. Towards the end of the tournament I was starting to get my process back. I have a ways to go.

8/25/09: Shot league tonight. I made an adjustment with the grip on the GMX and the bow got really quiet and smooth. I think I am going to leave the grip where it is now.

8/25/09: This week is the first week of classes at CSUF so I have to balance Coaching and Training. Luckily I have two assistant coaches now that can help. The other good thing is that all the outside repairs of my house are almost done so I will have my practice area back. It’s time to really start simplifying my life.

9/3/09 Time for a Do Over: Health issues from some of my birth defects, the kidneys, had me at the hospital last night. Bladder and Kidney infections are no fun. Dr. has me a on antibiotics and as much bed rest as I can get. Doesn't look like I will be getting distance practice over the Labor day weekend or the next two weeks.

10/5/09 Just shot the Duel Trials event. Didn’t come close to qualifying for the team but after the health issues at the beginning of September it was good to be back shooting again. The last tournament I shot I could not finish, but this one I had no problem finishing. I am feeling better and looking forward to the BLUE HERON FALL FITA the 23rd -24th and then The Duel in the Desert 31st-1st. How did I do? My score was up 70 points over the last full tournament I comleted.  I still have a long way to go. 
























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